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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, life is today!! Don't spend time dreaming of the past and don't fantasize too much about the future. Simplify the way you experience time by concentrating on the present. Here are few recommendations for extricating yourself from the type of worries and brooding that can make you ill.

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Spend longer looking
While we're walking or travelling, we normally spend only a fraction of a second looking at everyday objects that we encounter. The day races past us without our really being aware of it. Scientists have discovered that the average time we spend looking at things has been steadily decreasing during the last 50 years. We tend to say that the world is going faster, but that might be because we are perceiving faster.

Just try looking at objects for at least five seconds. Good opportunities for this exercise come when you're walking or looking out of the car or train window. You'll find that five seconds is a long time. Scientists have discovered that this slight increase our zest for life and the quality of life.

How to simplify your life: Seven practical steps to letting go of your burdens ang living a happier life
by Tiki Kustenmacher and Lothar J. Seiwert

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