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Say the name of things
Next time you go for a walk, do something that will strike you as a bit crazy: say out loud the names of things you see - blackbird, clouds, dandelion, gravel... Children do that when they learn to speak. In this way, you activate both sides of the brain and you anchor the concepts in your memory. If you do this an an adult, it makes you more aware of the present and the feeling of being rushed decreases noticeably.

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Slow routines down
Most people do unpleasant routine jobs quickly and carelessly to save time. But this just make such tasks even more unpleasant, since the hasty manner of working doesn't yield any satisfaction. Try doing it differently: do repetitive jobs very slowly, enjoying them. Fill in the bank transfer slip very slowly and write "nicely". You will find that even boring routines become a very conscious exercise. This makes your life richer and the lost of time amounts just a few seconds.

Breathe from your stomach
Consciously allow your stomach to extend when you breathe in. (You might have to loosen your belt). Breathing with awareness is the basis of many forms of meditation and in stressful situations it brings you back from the "Something's being done to me" mindset to "Great, I'm alive!"

How to simplify your life: Seven practical steps to letting go of your burdens ang living a happier life
by Tiki Kustenmacher and Lothar J. Seiwert

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