modified RC toy boat,..

(modified RC toy boat - MRC03)

suddently, i stumbled upon these old pictures and videos in my external hard drive. this work was done in december 2007. my younger brother had an RC planes with broken wings and fuselage in his room and i think i can put a use to it. after discussing with my cousins, we decided to assemble in on a floating mechanism since the RC module and fans are working fine.

MRC01 - Flat Polystyrene Board (3/12/2007)
(modified RC toy boat - MRC01)

we successfully came out with 3 prototypes namely MRC01, MRC02 and MRC03 which differed in their type of floating mechanisms and roll stabilizers. MRC01 did not have any type of roll stabilizers making it very difficult to make turns. in order to change the direction, only one of the two propellers will be activated causing significant body roll.

MRC02 - Toy Boat with 500ml Bottles Stabilizers (4/12/2007)
(modified RC toy boat - MRC02)

MRC02 and MRC03 were equipped with battery-powered toy boat having its own powerhouse. this greatly saves the battery stored within the RC modules that would be totally dedicated for boat maneuver. however, both propellers could also be activated as acceleration booster. since toy boat add-on heighten the center of gravity of the boat structure, 500ml bottles was used as roll stabilizers. this had also contributed to higher propeller level from the water surface as compared to previous prototype thus ensure a peace of minds when doing tight cornering!!

Aman Fathur
(August 10, 2011)

hidupku kan damaikan hatimu,..

Berjalan di tepi pantai
Tertiup angin berhembus
Sejukkan hati damaikan diri
Melihat biru

Bersama t'lah dilewati
Bersama t'lah dijalani
Aku di sini kan bersamamu
T'lah ikat janji

Hidupku kan damaikan hatimu
Dirikukan s'lalu menjagamu
Izinkan ku s'lalu bersamamu
Kasihku padamu

T'lah kuberikan semuanya
T'lah kurasakan bersama
Sampai terhenti nafasku ini
Hanyalah untukmu

Song: Hidupku kan damaikan hatimu
Singer: Caffeine

ngape bio semok?

ngape bio semok,..
tanoh sekangkang kere... ngape bio semok,..
ngape bio lari,..
kerbanye ande seko... ngape bio lari,..

ngape mudoh lepe... ngape mudoh ghalek,..

kalanye ngendok senang... kenela beringek ingek,..
kalanye ngendok menang...kenala bekerje kuat,..
orang lepeh kebulan ..awok dalam selimut,..
orang naik kapeterebang.. awok mengengsot-ngengsot,..

ngape abih jue..
paye pesake ngemok..ngape abih jue,..
ngape bio reput,..
rumoh peningge ayoh..ngape bio reput,..

ngape mudoh lepe..ngape mudoh ghalek,..

rajin tekun usehe itu amalan baik,
buat sikit sikit lame lame jadi bukit,..
berakit kehulu berenang ketepian,..
bio sakit dulu ase senang kemedian,..

Song: Ngape Bio Semok
Singer: Hariz & Pyan
Link: Yahoo Group - Budak Loyang

Aman Fathur
(August 5, 2011)

reason to leave,..

(picture taken from

sometimes people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons, but they know that things will get worse if they stay.....~

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