Smeared with setbacks, lost in fads
I pretend to be happy as I sing
“Run further” I’m urging myself, thoughtlessly, but softly to where the wind is blowing
I glance back at the road which I came from and feel sorry that I have time to spare
Surrounded on all sides
What comes after a war is one game
“There are mountains, valleys, cliffs”
Dust is piling up
In the middle of my endless journey, I stop by at the edge of a town
I throw down my tired legs softly
If I lie down, I’ll end up repeating my shallow sleep
I’ll see that same profile over and over, hear those same words over and over…
“Am I the only one who thinks just living is sad?”
Tobacco smoke floats in the air and disappears into emptiness
On a day where we’re surely still powerless and young
You witness sadness that you didn’t have to see
Now you’re spending your time holding in tears that don’t have to be held in
We’re not strong enough to keep living on just completely truthful things
We don’t have to be strong
My lifted-up eyelids see the world in spring
I push through the cherry blossom-coloured wind
On the way to the destination of the far away other side, I wonder if you were in this rapeseed field
I search for the white flapping of a bird in this sky
Surely you’ll be listening carefully to the ground and searching for the black ant’s footsteps at the same time, right?
Tearing off a disguise like a clown’s, standing on a forgotten hill, in the sun
Basking in the light of the moon, taking a deep breath
In a world where there’s no yelling voice or sound of plates breaking
Without sharing warmth, we can keep living
However, just living is not enough for us
The budding ground, the thick trees, the disappearing rainbow, the passing days,
The night sky’s Spica, the four season’s mystery, they taught us who continue searching for the truth
No matter how far we travel, at the start of life
We were lonely babies who cried out to want to live and be loved
Our reason for aiming for somewhere that isn’t here
Is because we have to in order to know that there is no answer anywhere other than in the heart

Song: Velonica 
Singer: Aqua Timez
Link: Aqua Timez Stuff

Aqua Timez - Velonica .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Aman Fathur
(June 14, 2011)

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