sarawak river cruise at kuching waterfront,..

(dewan undangan negeri sarawak)

i went for a walk at kuching waterfront with my cousin this evening,.. i decided to go there because i have not yet seen the new new extension of the waterfront,.. its a job well done and completed within very short period of time,..

(kuching financial centre's view from waterfront)

rarely spend a time in my hometown, we take a while to see the water taxi which is used by people to cross the sarawak river from their residential area to the downtown,.. :)

(kuching waterfront's walkway)

flashing back memory since this place had been my playground when i was in secondary school, taking some of the kuching's air where tomorrow i will be back to terengganu,.. there will be hustle and bustle back in campus,.. 

(newly extended area of kuching waterfront)

green landscape had fully developed making it a great scenery to relax stressed minds, hee,.. finally, the poultry and fish market is shifted opening an innovative solutions,.. 

(main esplanade of kuching waterfront)

although it was hard for the citizen to let go the memorable and historic poultry market, but development is needed for new kuching and later generations,.. kuching, there lies history and future side-by-side,.. :)

(as its name implies - astana)

fortunately, i managed to record the departure of sarawak river cruise from the waterfront,.. the departure time is 5.30pm daily and the ship only depart once daily,.. for adult, admission is RM60 whereas RM30 for children under 12 years of age,.. if you have an opportunity, don't forget to get aboard the ship and enjoy your dinner along the journey on sarawak river!!

Aman Fathur
(March 1, 2011)

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  1. d' zaro says:

    OH..kuching is beautiful city..return home always interest for me, and nostalgic when the kids always melt ..nice greeting from "one earth one sky " blog..

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