watch was set 20 minutes faster, with date one day earlier,..

woke up early, planning and arranging to-do tasks, wipe mists on car using wet towel,.. in my mind, today will be the day for me to present my innovative product : FLE-PBR at Dewan Sultan Mizan,.. wore formal attire with black leather shoes, i decided that i will take my algae culture from the Plankton Lab, AKUATROP then my prototype from BK, BS,.. i went to the campus with mr. anip, one person that is always be by my side during this prototype construction and modification,.. i called my supervisor asking whether i should take the prepared scientific poster from RMIC or the centre will take it to DSM, and he told that he will confirm it to me later,..

intriguing clue and hints:

1. housemate (jebon)
jebon: "eh aman, bukan esok ke?"
aman: "tak, hari ni exhibition, esok baru presentation,.."
jebon: "aie~ saye ingatkan esok~"

2. science officer at LFC Unit (encik azmie)
encik azmie: "aman, bukan esok ke hari penyelidikan tu?"
aman: "tak encik azmie, hari ni pameran saja,.. esok saya akan present,.."
encik azmie: "aku ingatkan esok,.."

3. coursemate (abdullahi dauda kida)
aman: "i need to take this prototype to DSM for the research day"
abdullah: "ai~ isn't the event tomorrow, aman?"
aman: "no, today is the exhibition,.. tomorrow i will do the presentation,.."
abdullah: "why doesn't anybody invite us, i didn't see any information about that,.."
aman: "okay, don't forget to come and see me at DSM today and tomorrow okay? it that an invitation?"
abdullah: "heh, that statement is an invitation,.."

and, then mr. anip and i went to DSM, UMT with algae culture and the prototype,.. the hall seems empty, nobody at the entrance except the respected cleaning crew,.. 

i said to mr. anip, "eh, nape takde orang ni? jom kita tengok banner hari penyelidikan kat jalan masuk dulu,.."
"la, rupa-rupanya 24 dan 25 januari, nape kita datang awal sehari ni? ni bukan kes menepati masa dah ni, dah masuk kes mungkir janji dah~"

mr. anip said, "aduh~ ape la aman nie~"

what to do~ it's my luck already, i sent sms to my supervisor and abdullah correcting the missing information,.. that's what i went through this morning,.. mr. anip is currently getting ready for his class asas keusahawanan on 11am,..

aman: "kat mane kelas, mat anip??"
mr. anip: "tak tahu lagi,.. saye tak sempat dah nak pegi kelas,.. aduh, salah aman la ni~"

Aman Fathur
(January 23, 2011) - 10.52am

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