terengganu's batik gallery,..

yesterday, i went to the Terengganu Batik Gallery,.. it is situated at about 700 metres from Dataran Syahbandar,.. at the gallery i was given explanation about the gallery and Terengganu Institute of Design Excellence (TiDE) by Mr. Ahmad Ridzuan, prefer to be called Wan,.. although i don't have any basics or sense of art, the officer-in-charge easily make me understand about the whole characteristics of Terengganu's batik,..

(Terengganu Institute of Design Excellence, TiDE)

at the present time, the gallery is currently focus on the exhibition of batik fabrics, motives and colour tone,.. several contemporary elegant-designed blouses, gowns and shirts was also exhibited,.. you will have no idea of how attractive a batik fabrics when incorporated in dinner or special occasion's clothings!! it's really great!!

TiDE currently focus on introducing the Terengganu's batik at Milan and Paris in order to cater the European markets,.. wood engraving art and weaving art also lies under TiDE, making the it an institute that responsible in sustaining a complete diversity of Terengganu's cultural arts,.. in the near future, TiDE would perform massive R&D in incorporating weaved fabrics of cultural motives with contemporary tones of colour for the purpose of interior designs such as furniture and appliances,..

i really hope that TiDE would succeed in their roles, insyaAllah,.. as a component of culture, batik will bring great economical, financial and social benefits to the citizen of Malaysia,.. and, may our batik been recognized in the whole world,..

thanks for your treatment, Mr. Ahmad Ridzuan,..

Aman Fathur
(January 5, 2010)

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