it's here and started rolling,..

safely return to kuala terengganu from kuantan on 9.30pm, after 212km of journey yesterday, alhamdulillah,.. thanks to my housemate mat anip for his company,.. now CCS 9625 privately named by me as 'Andromeda Helious II', since it is now my own official transportation,.. today could be considered as an orientation for Andromeda of my daily routine activities, and it was also her first friday,..

Andromeda is from the model SAGA FL manufactured by PROTON, consist of powertrain of Campro 1.3 IAFM, coupled with 5-speed manual transmission, add-on with entry-level safety equipment,.. she was priced at RM 40698, which i just could barely afford with my savings and future scholarship,.. i am really grateful by having her by my side, thank you so much to my parents for their financial assistance and advice,..

now, it would be easier for me to shuttle to-and-fro between home and campus,.. i can bring more things with me, or just leave important documents of equipment which previously i need to budget when i walked to the campus under 40-inch umbrella during this monsoon season,..

thank you Allah, alhamdulillah,.. and thousand appreciation to my parents with their help and support!! hopefully, this gift would bring more benefits to me and people around me,..

Aman Fathur
(January 14, 2011)

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  1. tiada lagi si pejalan kaki`

  2. tumpang ......
    hikhik .....
    nice car ...

  3. Jiji-Fify says:

    amannnnnn!!!!!!!what a nice car!!! nak pinjam~~~ hihik ;)

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