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amidst the hustle and bustle of the innovation competition during the UMT research day, i managed to go for a blood donation at UMT hostel's cafe,.. since it was lunch time, waiting time for the donation procedure was not as long as normal blood donation roadshow at the campus,.. we all know, right? when blood donation roadshow was done in any university campus, there will be long queue due to the awareness of new generations about their responsibility in medical contribution,..

(campaign banner in front Sheikh Abdul Malik Hostel, UMT)

it has been 4 months since my last blood donation and finally it's time for another,.. normally, three months are the minimum resting period you required before another donation,.. you need to think about the wellness of your bone marrow also, right? so, you will not overuse it,.. there are many advantages of blood donations,.. according to World Health Organization, some of them are:

  • hepatitis B surface antigen test
  • antibody to hepatitis C
  • antibody to HIV (subtypes 1 and subtypes 2)
  • serologic test for syphilis
a relatively large needle, with the size of ball pen ink cartridge will be used to take out blood,.. however, you will not feel any pain,.. not any pain at all, i swear!! so, if you have an opportunity for blood donation, just go for it,.. blood donation will stimulate your bone marrow, renewing your blood stock and rejuvenating your focus and response,..

(it was really a funny statement, "yang telah bermurah hati mendermakan darahnya sebanyak...")

Aman Fathur
(January 26, 2011)

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  1. dulu member ada cerita, masa kolej, kalau tak ada duit pegi hospital swasta..jual darah..dapat la tak tau berapa ringgit ntah...hehehe

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