don't delay, the universe likes speed,..

                                           "TAKE THE FIRST STEP IN FAITH.
                                                        YOU DON'T HAVE TO
                                                  SEE THE WHOLE STAIRCASE,
                                                         JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP."

(picture taken from

(D. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1929-1968)


(picture taken from

"There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living,.."

(David Starr Jordan)

Enjoy Time Now - Simplify your time,..

Say the name of things
Next time you go for a walk, do something that will strike you as a bit crazy: say out loud the names of things you see - blackbird, clouds, dandelion, gravel... Children do that when they learn to speak. In this way, you activate both sides of the brain and you anchor the concepts in your memory. If you do this an an adult, it makes you more aware of the present and the feeling of being rushed decreases noticeably.

(picture taken from

Slow routines down
Most people do unpleasant routine jobs quickly and carelessly to save time. But this just make such tasks even more unpleasant, since the hasty manner of working doesn't yield any satisfaction. Try doing it differently: do repetitive jobs very slowly, enjoying them. Fill in the bank transfer slip very slowly and write "nicely". You will find that even boring routines become a very conscious exercise. This makes your life richer and the lost of time amounts just a few seconds.

Breathe from your stomach
Consciously allow your stomach to extend when you breathe in. (You might have to loosen your belt). Breathing with awareness is the basis of many forms of meditation and in stressful situations it brings you back from the "Something's being done to me" mindset to "Great, I'm alive!"

How to simplify your life: Seven practical steps to letting go of your burdens ang living a happier life
by Tiki Kustenmacher and Lothar J. Seiwert

Enjoy Time Now - Spend longer looking,..

(Image taken from

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, life is today!! Don't spend time dreaming of the past and don't fantasize too much about the future. Simplify the way you experience time by concentrating on the present. Here are few recommendations for extricating yourself from the type of worries and brooding that can make you ill.

(Image taken from

Spend longer looking
While we're walking or travelling, we normally spend only a fraction of a second looking at everyday objects that we encounter. The day races past us without our really being aware of it. Scientists have discovered that the average time we spend looking at things has been steadily decreasing during the last 50 years. We tend to say that the world is going faster, but that might be because we are perceiving faster.

Just try looking at objects for at least five seconds. Good opportunities for this exercise come when you're walking or looking out of the car or train window. You'll find that five seconds is a long time. Scientists have discovered that this slight increase our zest for life and the quality of life.

How to simplify your life: Seven practical steps to letting go of your burdens ang living a happier life
by Tiki Kustenmacher and Lothar J. Seiwert

people who make mistakes become winners,..

A doctrine that has contributed to the development of perfectionism and that a lot of people have internalized is that "if I don't do everything completely right, I am a failure." And yet the greatest inventions are the result of a lot of failed experiments coupled with the indefatigable will of the inventor to succeed. Mistakes are an opportunity to do something better next time. Mistakes are learning experiences.

How to simplify your life: Seven practical steps to letting go of your burdens ang living a happier life
by Tiki Kustenmacher and Lothar J. Seiwert

do-it-yourself vs. cofee talker,..

(image taken from

"Gray's discovery is simple: men and women are fundamentally different in the way they solve problems. For men, problems are there to be solved, alone if possible - like a handyman. However, women see problems as an occasion for communication. Women look for contact with other people to talk to about their problems. But men withdraw.

This difference in the relationship is the basis of countless misunderstandings that can lead to the end of the relationship."

(Tiki Kustenmacher)

simplify your life,.. ;)

"Many people don't find the meaning of their life because they ask questions that are too complicated. They don't see how simple it actually is."

(Tiki Kustenmacher & Lothar J. Seiwert)

 *image taken from

modified RC toy boat,..

(modified RC toy boat - MRC03)

suddently, i stumbled upon these old pictures and videos in my external hard drive. this work was done in december 2007. my younger brother had an RC planes with broken wings and fuselage in his room and i think i can put a use to it. after discussing with my cousins, we decided to assemble in on a floating mechanism since the RC module and fans are working fine.

MRC01 - Flat Polystyrene Board (3/12/2007)
(modified RC toy boat - MRC01)

we successfully came out with 3 prototypes namely MRC01, MRC02 and MRC03 which differed in their type of floating mechanisms and roll stabilizers. MRC01 did not have any type of roll stabilizers making it very difficult to make turns. in order to change the direction, only one of the two propellers will be activated causing significant body roll.

MRC02 - Toy Boat with 500ml Bottles Stabilizers (4/12/2007)
(modified RC toy boat - MRC02)

MRC02 and MRC03 were equipped with battery-powered toy boat having its own powerhouse. this greatly saves the battery stored within the RC modules that would be totally dedicated for boat maneuver. however, both propellers could also be activated as acceleration booster. since toy boat add-on heighten the center of gravity of the boat structure, 500ml bottles was used as roll stabilizers. this had also contributed to higher propeller level from the water surface as compared to previous prototype thus ensure a peace of minds when doing tight cornering!!

Aman Fathur
(August 10, 2011)

hidupku kan damaikan hatimu,..

Berjalan di tepi pantai
Tertiup angin berhembus
Sejukkan hati damaikan diri
Melihat biru

Bersama t'lah dilewati
Bersama t'lah dijalani
Aku di sini kan bersamamu
T'lah ikat janji

Hidupku kan damaikan hatimu
Dirikukan s'lalu menjagamu
Izinkan ku s'lalu bersamamu
Kasihku padamu

T'lah kuberikan semuanya
T'lah kurasakan bersama
Sampai terhenti nafasku ini
Hanyalah untukmu

Song: Hidupku kan damaikan hatimu
Singer: Caffeine

ngape bio semok?

ngape bio semok,..
tanoh sekangkang kere... ngape bio semok,..
ngape bio lari,..
kerbanye ande seko... ngape bio lari,..

ngape mudoh lepe... ngape mudoh ghalek,..

kalanye ngendok senang... kenela beringek ingek,..
kalanye ngendok menang...kenala bekerje kuat,..
orang lepeh kebulan ..awok dalam selimut,..
orang naik kapeterebang.. awok mengengsot-ngengsot,..

ngape abih jue..
paye pesake ngemok..ngape abih jue,..
ngape bio reput,..
rumoh peningge ayoh..ngape bio reput,..

ngape mudoh lepe..ngape mudoh ghalek,..

rajin tekun usehe itu amalan baik,
buat sikit sikit lame lame jadi bukit,..
berakit kehulu berenang ketepian,..
bio sakit dulu ase senang kemedian,..

Song: Ngape Bio Semok
Singer: Hariz & Pyan
Link: Yahoo Group - Budak Loyang

Aman Fathur
(August 5, 2011)

reason to leave,..

(picture taken from

sometimes people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons, but they know that things will get worse if they stay.....~


Smeared with setbacks, lost in fads
I pretend to be happy as I sing
“Run further” I’m urging myself, thoughtlessly, but softly to where the wind is blowing
I glance back at the road which I came from and feel sorry that I have time to spare
Surrounded on all sides
What comes after a war is one game
“There are mountains, valleys, cliffs”
Dust is piling up
In the middle of my endless journey, I stop by at the edge of a town
I throw down my tired legs softly
If I lie down, I’ll end up repeating my shallow sleep
I’ll see that same profile over and over, hear those same words over and over…
“Am I the only one who thinks just living is sad?”
Tobacco smoke floats in the air and disappears into emptiness
On a day where we’re surely still powerless and young
You witness sadness that you didn’t have to see
Now you’re spending your time holding in tears that don’t have to be held in
We’re not strong enough to keep living on just completely truthful things
We don’t have to be strong
My lifted-up eyelids see the world in spring
I push through the cherry blossom-coloured wind
On the way to the destination of the far away other side, I wonder if you were in this rapeseed field
I search for the white flapping of a bird in this sky
Surely you’ll be listening carefully to the ground and searching for the black ant’s footsteps at the same time, right?
Tearing off a disguise like a clown’s, standing on a forgotten hill, in the sun
Basking in the light of the moon, taking a deep breath
In a world where there’s no yelling voice or sound of plates breaking
Without sharing warmth, we can keep living
However, just living is not enough for us
The budding ground, the thick trees, the disappearing rainbow, the passing days,
The night sky’s Spica, the four season’s mystery, they taught us who continue searching for the truth
No matter how far we travel, at the start of life
We were lonely babies who cried out to want to live and be loved
Our reason for aiming for somewhere that isn’t here
Is because we have to in order to know that there is no answer anywhere other than in the heart

Song: Velonica 
Singer: Aqua Timez
Link: Aqua Timez Stuff

Aqua Timez - Velonica .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Aman Fathur
(June 14, 2011)

i'll grow flowers to decorate you,..

Kimi wo kazaru hana wo sakasou
(I’ll grow flowers to decorate you)

I’ll grow flowers to decorate you
I’ll put all my heart into growing them
So I can see off
Countless sweet memories
In a sweet scent that surrounds me

You’ll always be by my side, right?
I whispered, to be sure
In this town

If tears dry up
Then I want them to go now
I want to meet you with a smile
With each night, the day when we part is grows closer
The happy time you gave me
That I hadn’t even wished for
Still hasn’t faded, just sticks into my heart
See, the dawn is breaking heartlessly
Time eventually takes away
Everything that people hold as important
Time gives and then it takes away
Leaving questions we can’t get away from
I’ll grow flowers to decorate you
I’ll put all my heart into growing them
You’re going and I can’t do anything for you
But I can live strongly
So that you, sweet you, can go without hesitation…
The last rain has become a rainbow

Song: Kimi wo kazaru hana wo sakasou
Singer: Garnet Crow

"dedicated for someone that is very special in my life ~ Siti Munirah Razali"

Aman Fathur
(June 13, 2011)

ku intai cinta dalam rahsia,..

Berbisik di dasar hati
Bertanyakan pada diri
Tentang kekasih
Tentang cinta

Haruskah aku menanti
Haruskah tangan ku ini
Menggapai hanya
Ilusi mimpi

Putusnya di dalam hati
Tak mungkin bercantum lagi
Ku intai cinta dalam rahsia
Dan airmata

Mereka sering berkata
Cinta itu milik kita
Tapi mengapa kau enggan
Ucapkan cinta :)

Song: Ku Intai Cinta Dalam Rahsia
Singer: Jeslina Hashim

Aman Fathur
(June 12, 2011)

it's started,.. :-)

after this two-weeks-break, i will start another chapter of my study in UMT,.. equipment is set, chemicals checked!! room at house, clean!! heehehe, just after mother came here and did it for me,.. :-) next week, my love ones will be back to campus,.. everything is packed, and we will start our new journey together,.. insyaAllah, the way will unfold itself showing the right path to success!!

Aman Fathur
(June 11, 2011)

hakikat bahagia,..

Bahagia itu dari dalam diri,
Kesannya zahir rupanya maknawi,
Terpendam bagai permata di dasar hati,..

Bahagia itu ada pada hati,
Bertakhta di kerajaan diri,
Terbenam bagai mutiara di lautan nurani,..

Bahagia itu ada di jiwa,
Mahkota di singgahsana rasa,
Bahagia itu adalah suatu ketenangan,..

Bila susah tiada gelisah,
Bila miskin syukur pada Tuhan,
Bila sakit tiada resah di jiwa,
Bukankah Tuhan telah berfirman,
Ketahuilah dengan mengingati Allah,
Jiwa kan menjadi tenang,..

C/O :
Kebahagiaan itu suatu kesyukuran,..
Bila kaya jadi insan pemurah,
Bila berkuasa amanah,
Bila berjaya tidak alpa,
Bila sihat tidak lupakan Tuhan,..

Hakikatnya bahagia itu,
Adalah ketenangan,
Bila hati mengingati Tuhan,..

Semua insan kan mengerti,
Maksud terseni Ilahi,
Itulah zikir yang hakiki,..

Album: See You Di IPT
Munsyid: U.N.I.C.

Link: Hakikat Bahagia (


Dalam diri selembut sutra,
Kau memiliki iman yang teguh,
Kau nyalakan obor agama diri-mu bak lentra,
dibelengu jahiliah kau tempuh dengan berani,
Walau pun jasad-mu milik tuan,
Tetapi hati-mu milik Tuhan,..

Padang pasir menjadi saksi ketabahan keluarga itu,
Tika suami dan anak dibaring mengadap mentari,
Disuruh memilih iman atau kekufuran,
Samar jahiliah atau sinaran akidah,.. 

Sabarlah keluarga Yasir,
Bagi-mu syurga disana,
Dan kau pun tega memilih syurga,
Walau terpaksa mengorban nyawa,
Lalu tombak yang tajam menikam, 
Jasad-mu yang tiada bermaya,
Namun iman didada-mu sedikit tidak berubah,..

Darah-Mu menjadi sumbu pelita iman, 
Sumaiyah kaulah lambang wanita solehah,
Tangan yang disangka lembut menghayun buaian, 
Mengoncang dunia mencipta sejarah,..

Sumaiyah kau dibunuh didunia sementara,
Untuk hidup disyurga yang selama-lamanya,
Kaulah wanita terbaik,
Sebaik manusia,
Nama-mu tetap menjadi sejarah,..

Lagu : Putra Aiman
Hijjaz Records Sdn.Bhd.
Lirik : Fahrul Mohd. Joui
Hijjaz Record Sdn.Bhd

Link: Sumaiyyah (

halimatus saadiah,..

Kakimu melangkah lesu menuju ke jalan pulang,
Kecewa kerana gagal mendapat bayi hartawan,
Namun apakah yang akan kau beri sebagai jawapan,
Jika ditanya mengapa kau gagal mendapatkannya,..

Tiba-tiba senyum si yatim itu menyapa,
Tergugah deria ibu yang bersemi di jiwa,
Biar Muhammad itu tanpa upah berganda,
Namun hatimu rela bukan kerana harta,..

Halimatus Saadiah,
Engkau ibu yang bertuah,
Kau wanita penerima barakah,
Dari desa pedalaman,
Daerah di pinggiran,
Kau menyusui insan pilihan,..

Kau pangku dia dan berubahlah segalanya,
Badan yang terasa lesu kini bertenaga,
Susu yang sedikit itu bertambah dengan segera,
Peliharaan ternakan membiak subur berganda,..

Halimatus Saadiah, kau ibu barakah,
Engkau pemula muqaddimah yang indah,
Episod awal sirah Nabi junjungan mulia,
Kau ibu susu yang bertuah,..

Pada sejarahmu terukir kenyataan,
Tidak kan miskin jika membela Islam,
Tidak hina meriba kebenaran yang mulia,
Jangan takut jika kau beriman,.. 

Lagu : Putra Aiman (Hijjaz Records)
Lirik : Pahrol Md. Juoi (Genta Rasa Publishing)
Penyusun Muzik : Firdaus
Penerbit : Munif Ahmad
Hakcipta : Hijjaz Records Sdn. Bhd.

Link: Halimatus Saadiah (

jangan patah hati, cuba lagi,.. :)

Satu dua tiga dan empat,
Cuba berkali masih tak dapat,
Lupakan sakit segan dan penat,
Nanti di puncak pasti terubat,..

Empat tiga dua dan satu,
Puncaknya betul aku di situ,
Ada dah dekat, ramai yang berbatu,
Cuba lagi dik ku tunggu,..

Ku cuba berkali-kali,
Masih tak menjadi-jadi,
Tapi ku tak patah hati,
Tiap kali gagal aku cuba lagi,..
Aku cuba lagi, aku cuba lagi,
Hanya yang lemah kan lari,
Jadi lelaki dan cuba lagi,..

Ku cuba, ku cuba, ku cuba,
Puas ku cuba,..

Nah! Bukan senang hendak menang,
Apatah lagi jadi juara,
Nah! Bukan senang nak jadi bintang,
Apatah lagi jadi lagenda,
Aku tahu aku fasih,
Nombor satu, yup, aku masih,
Terima kasih seteru bersekutu,
Keranamu aku bertambah mutu,..
Tetapi, kebelakangan ini aku tepu,
Hampir beku, ni, buku lirik kosong nak berdebu,
Hilang sengat hilang seri hilang seru hilang merdu,
Mata tutup kepala tertelungkup,
Pintu dengar ketuk, oh anakku menjenguk,..
Papa jangan kerut dahi,
Tukar niat baca Bismillah mesti jadi,..

(ulang korus)

Buat lagu hebat radio tak nak main,
Apa boleh buat? Buat lagu lain,
Aku dengar sedap, dia dengar lain,
Mungkin lepas menang AIM dia main,..
Jangan cari pasal, kaji hujung pangkal,
Buat lagi sampai tiada orang boleh sangkal,
Sampai orang kampung kata pakai tangkal,
Sampai gadis kota tidur tepuk bantal,
Sampai orang-orang gaji pun hafal,
Tapi selagi tak berlaku, tawakal,..
Ganda usaha bukan simpati,
Percaya besok lusa buat lagi,
Mereka tanya sampai mana,
Yo nampak langit sampai sana,
Tiada makna kalau tiada fakta,
Lihat carta situ ku diwarta,..

(ulang korus)

Ma kata ku pandai Pa kata ku kuat,
Jadi kalau cari jalan tak jumpa, ku buat,
Ke sini ke sana hanya satu garis lurus,
Jangan menoleh mana-mana jalan terus,
Ku bukan jenis suka omong kosong,..
Tolong dengar dik, jangan bodoh sombong,
Lima ribu tahun atau lima saat,
Kalau kita mahu kita dapat,
Banyak laki, berapa jati,
Banyak janji, berapa ditepati,
Cuma dara sunti minta puji, anak jantan minta uji,..
Lepas cakap besar tanam pokok,
Pasti belum boleh berteduh besok,
Dan kalau tak berbuah doa sehari lagi,
Tuah akan sampai dengan Taming Sari sekali,..

Ku cuba lagi,

Song: Cuba Lagi

Singer: Malique feat. Lah Ahmad

Aman Fathur
(March 9, 2011)

tell me what i've done wrong,..

Let me know that I've done wrong,
When I've known this all along,
I go around a time or two,
Just to waste my time with you.

Tell me all that you've thrown away,
Find out games you don't wanna play,
You are the only one that needs to know--

I'll keep you my dirty little secret,
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone or you`ll be just another regret,
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret,
Who has to know?

When we live such fragile lives,
It's the best way we survive,
I go around a time or two,
Just to waste my time with you,

Tell me all that you've thrown away,
find out games you don't wanna play,
you are the only one that needs to know---

I'll keep you my dirty little secret,
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret,
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret.

Who has to know?
The way she feels inside (inside!)
Those thoughts I can't deny (can't deny!)
These sleeping thoughts won't lie (won't lie!)
And all I've tried to hide
It's eating me apart
Trace this life back!

I'll keep you my dirty little secret,
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret.
(Just another regret)

I'll keep you my dirty little secret,
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret,
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret,
Dirty little secret,
Dirty little secret.

Who has to know?
Who has to know?

Song: Dirty Little Secret
Singer: The All-Americal Rejects

"Happy Women's Day!! :) You've brighten the dimmed world!!"

Aman Fathur
(March 8, 2011)

i'll be there for you,..

wherever you go,
you know I’ll be there,..
if you go far,
you know I’ll be there,..
I’ll go anywhere,
so I’ll see you there,..
you place the name,
you know I’ll be there,..
you name the time,
you know I’ll be there,..
I’ll go anywhere,
so I’ll see you there,..

I don’t care if you don’t mind,
I’ll be there not far behind,
I will dare,
Keep in mind,
I’ll be there for you,..

where there’s truth,
you know I’ll be there,..
amongst the lies,
you know I’ll be there,..
I’ll go anywhere,
so I’ll see you there,..

I don’t care if you don’t mind,
I’ll be there not far behind,
I will dare,
keep in mind,
I’ll be there for you,..

if you should fall,
you know I’ll be there,..
to catch the call,
you know I’ll be there,..
I’ll go anywhere,
so I’ll see you there,..

I don’t care if you don’t mind,
I’ll be there not far behind,
I will dare,
keep in mind,
I don’t care,
I’ll be there for you!!
I’ll be there for you!!

Song: Poprocks and Coke
Singer: Greenday

Aman Fathur
(March 7, 2011)

janji manismu,..

oh dunia ini,..
penuh kepalsuan,..
oh mungkinkah tiada,..
apakah ini,..
suatu pembalasan,..
ku sedar kebesaranMu Tuhan,..

aku bagai seorang,..
kembara jalanan,..
terumbang ambing,..
di lautan gelora,..
mencari kebahagiaan,..
dahan untuk menumpang kasih,..
mungkinkah suratan,..
hidup ku selalu keseorangan,..

hati membeku mengingatkan,..
kata janji manismu... oh...
ku dilambung angan-angan,..
belaian kasih sayang suci darimu,..
oh kejamnya,..

lidah tidak bertulang,..
ucapan cinta menghiris kalbu,..
ku kan pergi membawa diri,..
cinta di hati terkubur lagi,..

tidak ku fahami,..
mengapa terjadi,..
peristiwa pahit mengguris hati,..
jalanan hidup ini,..
sudah tertulis,..
kutempuhi dengan kesabaran,..
kusedar kebesaranMu Tuhan...

Aman Fathur
(March 6, 2011)

pemuja rahasia,..

dalam kesendirianku,..
tak sengaja temukanmu,..
namun kau tak melihatku,..
dalam keriuhan akupun berharap,..
kau sadari diriku ada,..
walau hanya sedetik saja,..
kau ingin engkau tau,..
bila aku menyentuhmu,..
aku ini ada aku nyata,..
pemuja rahasia,..

dalam kata-kataku,..
maukah kau mendengarku,..
saat aku menyapamu,..
dalam ketiadaan, ku ingin kau tau,..
ku selalu inginkanmu,..
tak hanya tuk di anganku,..
coba buka hatimu,..
sadari malam ini saja,..
aku ini ada aku nyata,..
pemuja rahasia,..

Aman Fathur
(March 5, 2011)

sleep-over at food garden, LCCT!!

previously scheduled on 9.50pm, the flight AK5219 was retimed to depart from kuching international airport (KIA) on 11.25pm,.. it did not bother me at all since i had been planning on staying overnight at LCCT waiting for my early flight tomorrow to kuala terengganu,..

(food garden, LCCT at 2.25am)

today my supervisor had phoned me since his naughty student (me) did not yet update him with the new plan of departing from kuching on 2nd of march, instead of 28th of february previously,.. surely, tomorrow i need to meet him!!

(there's still plenty of empty seats for those who want to join the sleep-over, yeay!!)

planning on doing review on my research proposal tonight, i ended up with facebook, twitter, youtube and blogger, haish~ haahaha!! go aman!! go aman!! productivity is the key of success!!

aman signing out from LCCT!! wishing you a productive day ahead!!

Aman Fathur
(March 3, 2011)

sarawak river cruise at kuching waterfront,..

(dewan undangan negeri sarawak)

i went for a walk at kuching waterfront with my cousin this evening,.. i decided to go there because i have not yet seen the new new extension of the waterfront,.. its a job well done and completed within very short period of time,..

(kuching financial centre's view from waterfront)

rarely spend a time in my hometown, we take a while to see the water taxi which is used by people to cross the sarawak river from their residential area to the downtown,.. :)

(kuching waterfront's walkway)

flashing back memory since this place had been my playground when i was in secondary school, taking some of the kuching's air where tomorrow i will be back to terengganu,.. there will be hustle and bustle back in campus,.. 

(newly extended area of kuching waterfront)

green landscape had fully developed making it a great scenery to relax stressed minds, hee,.. finally, the poultry and fish market is shifted opening an innovative solutions,.. 

(main esplanade of kuching waterfront)

although it was hard for the citizen to let go the memorable and historic poultry market, but development is needed for new kuching and later generations,.. kuching, there lies history and future side-by-side,.. :)

(as its name implies - astana)

fortunately, i managed to record the departure of sarawak river cruise from the waterfront,.. the departure time is 5.30pm daily and the ship only depart once daily,.. for adult, admission is RM60 whereas RM30 for children under 12 years of age,.. if you have an opportunity, don't forget to get aboard the ship and enjoy your dinner along the journey on sarawak river!!

Aman Fathur
(March 1, 2011)

cara mudah untuk topup prepaid anda, hee,..

yeay!! saye baru je daftar pelan basic di EzyTopup Mobile Biz!! saye buat keputusan untuk join program perniagaan ini pun bukannya semata-mata untuk mendapatkan pendapatan tapi untuk kemudahan topup, tak payah la saye ke kedai topup tengah-tengah malam bila betul-betul perlukan topup,.. tambahan pula, ayah baru sahaja tukar dari plan postpaid kepada prepaid, bolehla bagi kemudahan ini kepada keluarga,..

(picture taken from

pendaftaran pelan perniagaan ini sangat cepat, sebentar tadi saye dah cuba reload untuk celcom dan tempoh untuk konfirmasi kurang dari 15 saat,.. hee, jadi mudahla kalau nak buat perniagaan!! pelanggan tak lame tunggu kan?

mungkin ada antara rakan-rakan yang berminat untuk menceburi perniagaan ini, ataupun untuk kemudahan sendiri dan keluarga untuk topup pada bila-bila masa bolehla ke laman sesawang EzyTopup untuk mendapatkan maklumat lanjut,.. ataupun, jika rakan-rakan telah buat keputusan untuk join boleh la daftar melalui refferal link saya dengan cara klik gambar di bawah, boleh la bantu saya sedikit kan? :)

(klik la referral link saye di bawah ni!! yeay!!)

baiklah, di sini saya akan ceritakan apa yang saya tahu berkenaan program perniagaan ini,.. untuk pendaftaran, rakan-rakan boleh mendaftar plan termurah yang ditawarkan syarikat iaitu Pelan RM40 Xpax,.. takde masalah jika rakan-rakan bukan pengguna Xpax pun, saya adalah pengguna Hotlink Youth Club,.. untuk menggunakan plan ini, rakan-rakan perlu menyediakan RM40 untuk bayaran pendaftaran dan pembukaan akaun rakan-rakan di EzyTopup Mobile Biz membolehkan rakan-rakan mula berniaga,..

untuk mendaftar, rakan-rakan perlu mendaftarkan butiran peribadi yang diperlukan,.. setelah lengkap, rakan-rakan akan mendapat pelan keahlian percuma dan perlu upgrade ke plan 'REG40XPAX',.. langkah ini memerlukan rakan-rakan untuk melakukan pembayaran RM40 kepada akaun syarikat sama ada melalui deposit tunai atau perbankan atas talian seperti CIMBclicks atau,.. no. akaun boleh rakan-rakan dapatkan setelah mendaftar keahlian percuma,..

pemprosesan keahlian setelah pembayaran selesai memakan masa antara 2 jam hingga 24 jam, setelah itu rakan-rakan boleh mula top-up serta merta setelah menambah modal,.. dalam kes saya, saya telah menambah RM20 sebagai modal,.. hee, cuba-cuba kan baru permulaan kena uji dulu betul ke tak? takut kena tipu,.. pemprosesan pendaftaran saya memakan masa cuma 4 jam, setelah dimaklumkan melalui sistem pesanan ringkas, saya terus cuba untuk topup dan serta-merta berjaya,..

(picture taken from

rakan-rakan boleh mendapat sedikit keuntungan daripada transaksi topup ini, walaupun cuma beberapa puluh sen tapi sekurang-kurangnya boleh menjadi tabungan peribadi rakan-rakan kan? daripada rakan-rakan topup di kedai dan bayar 100% jumlah yang rakan-rakan topup,.. jika topup RM10 untuk Celcom, rakan-rakan telah pun mendapat keuntungan 35 sen,.. struktur margin keuntungan rakan-rakan boleh dapatkan di sini,.. takpe, sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit,.. bukannya rakan-rakan perlu bayar untuk sewa kedai pun kan? :)

(picture taken from

jika rakan-rakan fikir untuk jangka masa panjang, dengan modal hanya RM40 dengan mudah sahaja anda dapat keuntungan untuk menampung balik pelaburan yang rakan-rakan lakukan,.. jadilah pengguna yang bijak, rakan-rakan,.. sekurang-kurangnya rakan-rakan dapat menjana sedikit pendapatan, dan boleh topup pada mila-bila masa di mana-mana sahaja,..

(p/s: kalau nak daftar, jangan lupe guna referral link saye yea? hee, berape kali dah ingatkan,..)

Aman Fathur
(February 28, 2011)
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