a visit at terengganu museum,..

yesterday visit at terengganu museum with abe mukerih and kak ainnu was great!! we went there to see the venomous animal exhibition,.. after walking throughout all the gallery, we were called for the snake show at 4.15pm,.. luckily, we still have the chance to watch some show since we arrived late at the museum,..

i managed to record the snake show that time, and most important, legally,.. heehehe,.. here's some of the footage!! if you guys have the opportunity, just come visit terengganu museum,.. some of the exhibitions are tarantula, various venomous snake (cobras), pythons, scorpions, puffer fish, catfish and natural remedies for treating bites,.. X) its worth your five ringgits, heehehe!!

ask and it's given: "saye nak jumpe fina, vocalist jobbersrobbers"

my first post for the 'ask and it's given section', hee finally~,.. after keep on getting several unexpected and impossible gratifications of what i visualize lately, i think it's time for me to take charge of it,.. and, to test the energy of the law of attraction, i have to ask for the things that would blow my mind, when it became reality as suggested by Michael Lossier,.. 

"i would like to wish for the chance to meet Fina, the vocalist of Jobberscrobbers band, in-person!!"

 "X) gotta wish something crazy enough to blow my mind straight away, right?"

step 1, had been done which is 'ask',.. the universe is answering and the law of attraction will begin its task, step 2 'answer',.. and, its just a matter of time for my inner frequency to be in alignment for the wish to be materialized, and it will be the final step, step 3 'receiving',.. X)

"whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming,.."

(Esther Hicks)
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