what you see is what you will be,..

The most powerful affirmation or message you can send from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind is visualization or mental image. Develop the habit  of creating clear, positive, exciting pictures of yourself performing at your best and visions of your goals as if they were already achieved.

Each time you create a mental image in your conscious mind, you send a message that activates your subconscious mind, triggers the Law of Attraction, stimulates your creativity, and moves you toward the realization of that mental picture in your external world.

Positive, successful people make a habit of continually visualizing the outcomes that they desire, thereby programming their subconscious minds and shaping their self-image and their external performance.

Best of all is when you combine positive self-talk with positive mental imaging. You talk about the things you want, and you create exciting mental pictures of your goals and desires as if they already existed in your reality. Positive thoughts and words make you more optimistic, give you more energy, enable you to bounce back faster from disappointment, and keep you moving forward throughout the day.

(picture taken from http://www.briantracy.com)

"Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income" by Brian Tracy (2006)
Entrepreneur Media Inc. (Canada)

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