loss and gain,..

(picture taken at sultan mahmud airport's embankment by mukrizo, 2330 15/10/2010)

there were so many memories i got in fishing, both bitter and sweet,.. i have learnt so many values from it, sharing precious moments with friends,.. about a couple of weeks ago, i had been to merang for fishing,.. haahaha, guess what? i loss my fishing rod and spinning reel in one go,.. they fell under the bridge near jetty when we were fishing,.. i swam and dive to find it, but failed,.. it's okay, why do you want to burden your mind thinking of the loss things? it was already loss, no matter how heavy you regret, things would not come back,.. so, think of the future!! think how you can correct your mistake to prevent it from occurring again,.. think positive and learn how to cheer in despair and in 'unfavorable condition', haahaha!!

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  1. 101007 says:

    to prevent the losing to occurring again:

    - don't ever get into this thing again...BUT, are loss thing same with loss someone????

  2. X) haahahaha!! it's up to the person itself,..

    "men are disturbed not by things that happen,
    but by their opinion of the things that happen,.." (epithetus)

  3. 101007 says:

    jgn terlalu obses dgn falsafah2 org lain....jd diri sendiri..jgn hipokrit n tipu diri sendiri

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