fever and cough,..

(Pusat Kesihatan UMT)

yesterday, i went to Pusat Kesihatan UMT, shortly known as PK,.. i had done clinical diagnosis and taken my medicine, hopefully my fever and 3-weeks-old cough will leave me soon,.. i have to be in tip-top health for this remaining month, since i still have so many things to do - thesis writing, assignments and exams,.. 

 (Registration and waiting area of PK, UMT)

PK, UMT is one of the centers under the management and administration of Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Wellfare and Alumni Division,.. the center is headed by a director namely Dr. Arnie binti A. Rahim,.. and, i had been treated by Dr. Sidek bin Harun yesterday, thanks doc!! 

(Pharmacy of PK, UMT)

it's been my third time going to PK,.. and as always, it never fails to provide the best services and great warm treatment by the staffs,.. being sick, everybody would certainly want fast and seamless procedure,.. yesterday was a pleasant experience for me,.. here, i would like to express my gratitude to PK, UMT,.. thanks PK!!

(link: http://www.umt.edu.my/v8/pusat_kesihatan.php)

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  1. salam..blogwlaking here..
    mmg skang ni musim penyakit kot..
    i'm also not very well since last 2 weeks..
    exam pon da dkt ni.huhu

    btw, moga cepat sembuh..syafakallah..
    n all the best for ur becoming exams..

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