second blogging waves,..

arriving early at plankton culture lab this morning, i suddently shocked looking at my supervisor's undergraduate treatment vessel,.. yesterday unhealthy culture became a very healthy blooming algae!! X) what a surprise and what a bless!!

"science isn't about hitting the correct result all the time, but rather on observing your experiment carefully and patiently,.. noticing every little changes,.."
(aman fathur)

after finished all the labwork for today, my colleague and i met my supervisor at RMIC discussing about our current progress, troubleshooting the problem faced and learning about mathematical modelling,.. resting my mind, play some games at the postgrad room - PES 2010 and Counter Strike: Condition Zero with fauzan, hafiz until kak asmah, ainnu, hazwan, zana and ida came,.. with hazwan recommendation, finally ainnu and kak asmah became interested in opening their first blog,.. yeayy!! suddently, i felt a wave of motivation to blog!! XD haahahaha!!

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  1. Jiji-Fify says:

    wahhh!! air algae pon dah nampak macam air tebu!!
    NOOOOOO~~ ;D

  2. haahahaha!! waah, imaginasi doktor ni,.. doktor nak segelas?? tp tak dpt hilangkan dahaga tau, sebab air masin,.. X)

  3. Hazwan says:

    teruskan usaha..caiyok2

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