equity equality,..

as adapted from book written by mohd. (2008), james march and herbert simon introduced the reward-contribution theory which was later known as the theory of equity,.. which later fall under the group of theories of social comparison, based on the way human think or also known as cognitive,..

social comparison theory focused on the perceptions and one’s feeling regarding whether they considered of getting a fair treatment when compared to other individuals,.. when someone feel what they received was unfair, they become unsatisfied with it,.. thus, that feeling motivates them to change the situation until their satisfaction fulfilled,..

one’s contribution are called their input, whereas what they received are rewards,.. examples of input and results are time, money, energy, feasibility, skills, loyalty, love etc.,.. when one assumed that the ratio of input and result was fair, they will be satisfied,.. as a consequence, they became motivated in doing their task,.. but, if they feel the ratio is unfair, they will slowly loose their effort,.. however, what considered as fair and unfair is totally depends on one’s perception,..

according to this theory, one will be satisfied when there are equality between input and rewards,.. they will feel guilty when they get rewards that are higher than the contribution they give,.. as a result, they tend to correct the condition so that equality exist,.. the degree of guilt one feel correlates with how big is the excess of rewards they get,..
this is also true on the contrary,.. when rewards they received is inappropriate with what their contribute, they become unsatisfied,.. as a result, they tend to change the situation,..

mohd. (2008) in her book, listed and elaborated six ways how ones correct the ratio between contribution they give with rewards they received which they assume not in balance, which are:

  • change they contribution,..
  • change rewards they received,..
  • fluctuating assumptions on their inputs and rewards,..
  • changing the objects of comparison,..
  • escape from the current situation,.. 

"Psikologi Orang Berjaya: Ketahui ciri-ciri jiwa dan cara fikir manusia pejaya" by Ainon Mohd. (2008)
PTS PROFESSIONAL Publishing Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur)

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