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Dacey and Ripple as in book written by Mohd. (2008) stated characters of very creative individuals:

  • they are more sensitive on the presence of problem in their surroundings.
  • they can easily get emotion and mental disturbance, but they can manage it.
  • they can think analytically and intuitively, simultaneously.
  • they can think in convergent, which is by solving problem with only one correct answer.
  • they can also think in divergent, solving problem that has many possible correct answers.
  • they show very high dedication and enthusiasm in their task.
  • they may have above average IQ but not falls into genius.
  • they are more open towards new experience and willing to accept new ideas.
  • the are responsible on what is happening on themselves, and not easily blame others for it.
  • they like exciting and likes to play with various ideas.
  • they have their own independent thought, and they are not influenced by other people's thought.
  • they are not afraid to follow their instinct and ready to treat their hidden emotion.
  • they like to follow their own plan, do their own decision and they can drive their own thinking.
  • they dislike to work with others and they like to judge their own work negligent others.
  • that is why, they dislike to ask for other's opinion.
Internal opinion is emotional drive and mental willpower for creative people. When faced with complex and tough problems, creative people tend to think positively. When they are asked to give opinion, they give various types of idea. Most of it became the laughing stock for people. When they are criticized, they defend their ideas. In certain irregular circumstances, they showed their characteristics of resourcefulness and creativity.

"Psikologi Orang Berjaya: Ketahui ciri-ciri jiwa dan cara fikir manusia pejaya" by Ainon Mohd. (2008)
PTS PROFESSIONAL Publishing Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur)

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