when mental say, "no go!!" then no go it is,..

wake up in the morning in a rainy day,.. went to the kitchen to make mamee spicy curry mixed with ramlee chicken frankfurt, and prepared iced milo also bread with sweetened creamer,.. sitting in front tv and watch MHI,.. feeling full, going to turn on the modem because last night happen to have thunderstorm,.. online on facebook write a status, divided into three because 'encikfacebook' interfered in the middle then its sequence was continued in blogger,.. :)

so many things to do, yet don't know what i should do!!

suddenly i feel there's so much things that need to be done, yet procrastinating seems so appealing to me!! i don't know what i should do,.. i would rather sit in front my laptop and watch One Piece series all day long and let tomorrow come and be replaced by another tomorrow,.. my notes started piling, pictures taken got mixed up, room became untidy, pets got unmanaged, dateline for my research project coming near but nothing been done yet, there's still a number of books i bought last year i haven't read yet,.. i had been doing absolutely nothing for the past two days!!!

oh my God, what's happening with me!! my mental power had become weaker and weaker,.. the disbelieve of my potential becoming more intense by days passing on,.. i felt like trapped and locked in my present condition,..

something has to be done,..
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