skill improvement,..

skill is required for us to complete our task successfully,.. and, efficiently,.. efficient here means that the job is done with acceptable level of quality and within short period of time,.. due to this, skill improvement can be considered as very important,.. izu (2008) suggested in his book that we should locate most of our time for skill improvement rather than competing the task, itself,..

"if i've been given 9 hours to chop down trees, i will use 6 hours of it to sharpen my axe" (Abraham Lincoln)

however, we can also improve our skill even during the completion of the task,.. school assignments, for instance,.. can be used as a platform for us to improve our typing skill,.. but, before that, we need to study the correct technique in typing from books or software for us to determine our current level of typing and for us to construct the skill's development,.. from that, we will not only able to complete our assignment but also improve our typing skill,..

remember, jobs you performed if you have the right attitude, always provide learning experience and skill improvement,.. it is only up to you to discover and take the best from it,.. doesn't it better for you to improve yourself rather than for the sake of making it done only?

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