a real competition,..

(adapted from Dare to Fail 4th Ed.: Billy Lim)

to be competitive is good but with whom are we competing? in the field of competition, there are always winners and losers,.. for every winner, there is always a number of losers,.. how do you take it when you lose? what if your friends are getting ahead of you? what if you failed to succeed? what if you left behind?

it all boils down to who you are competing against,.. many people get caught and their lives become miserable,.. we shouldn't be competing with others, we should be co-operating with others and competing with ourselves,.. the others are for us to use as a yard-stick and nothing more than that,..

"for every winner, there is always a loser,.. if we compete with ourselves and we lose, WHO WINS? think about it,.."

(photo taken from www.fitnessessentials.ca)

many people have been trained to equate success with victory, to equate doing well with beating someone,.. it leads people to assume that only competing against others can lead to achievement and that only by putting one's own-interest first can one become successful,.. Dr Robert Helmreich (psychologist, University of Texas) shows that co-operation with others is much more productive than competition against others,.. to make one person's success dependent on another person's failure (win/lose syndrome) is naturally disruptive and counter productive,..

yes, you are your own greatest competitor,.. but the wrong sense of competing with others has made many people so worried that they begin to think that they just cannot afford to fail,..

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