annoying people,..

there is neither picture nor word could explain on what i feel towards people that are annoying,.. i did never not feeling angry and discomfort in socializing with this guy,.. haaha, it was my fault since i am the one who started the conversation at facebook just now,..

i spent my time online at community sites and reading my favourite blog since i planned to free my mind tonight, from all those notes on fish diseases and feed culture,.. and, i really wished that this time could be used to keep in touch with my friends, knowing what's the latest happening,..

this particular guy was a dearly best friend of mine, long time ago,.. it was really good to be together, mixing with different ethnic groups and cultures,.. however, i began to feel annoyed with his behaviour once he started to disrespect others,.. speaking without thinking, not concern about others people feeling,..

actually, at that time i thought i am the one who was problematic, because my feeling of being annoyed had turned into hatred,.. but, most of my coursemates seemed like to have joined my ship,.. this feeling reached its climax once he moved to my apartment, expressing his annoyance, now in a daily regime,.. that moment never failed in enriching my life with stress and discomfort,..

graduation day should marked the end of everything,.. during my time here in terengganu, i always flashed back most of the memory of the undergraduates,.. i opened the old picture album, and screen through all of it,.. it was really an unforgettable moment!! of sweet and sour of life,..

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